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St Bernard’s Special Educational Needs Offer 2021

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Our intent at St. Bernard’s Catholic Primary is that we deliver an ambitious curriculum for all groups of learners, including those with special educational needs or additional learning/medical needs. ‘Entitlement for all’ is a key feature of our pedagogy and SEND pupils are set high expectations and staff have high aspirations for all SEN pupils. Challenge is also a key feature of lessons, including for SEND pupils, to maximise progress and push the learning boundaries for all pupils.

At St. Bernard’s we recognise the vital importance of SEND pupils accessing elements of an age related curriculum alongside their peers. This promotes engagement, challenge and access to essential vocabulary and key learning opportunities for all. Quality whole class teaching and targeted intervention is seen as a key element of successful SEND teaching. Pupil voice is at the heart, to ensure learning barriers are removed where they can be.

At St. Bernard’s SEND pupils who require additional support to close the learning gap or develop communication skills, participate in a range of specific, targeted interventions. 

At St. Bernard’s those with additional needs in social, emotional well-being are supported through partnership working and involvement of specialist outside agency support/signposting services where needed

In order to secure the best outcomes for our more complex pupils, they benefit from a range of specific outside agency support and planning for their learning journey.

The professional ‘Team around the Child’ is seen as crucial to partnership working and securing the best outcomes for SEND pupils and their families


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 If you have any questions related to this, please contact Mrs Robinson (SENCO) who will be more than happy to answer your questions.  

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