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Stick to your new 'pick up and drop off' times - they're in place to help our school community!

This page is for you children. If there's anything you think should be on here, tell us.

Being online is fun, educational and can  keep you in touch with family and friends. However, sadly there are always things to be aware of. You need to know what to do if you're not happy.



Children, if you're not happy:

*tell a trusted adult

*find information online

*talk to someone about it


It is really important that you talk to someone.

You are not alone, and adults will listen to you.


Think You Know

Click on the link below. There are some fun games and good advice too. 



Click on one of the pictures below to find about:

  • staying safe online
  • - what to do if you need help







Some good games/information around online safety

There's also a good page called - 'Worried about something?'

It tells you who you can tell and links to sites where you and your trusted adult can report anything you're not happy about.

Click on the links below to explore!




Watch this video. It's from the BBC site. They give some good tips on how to look after yourself.