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Class Saints

Each class in school and every member of staff have been assigned a Saint that they will study in depth.

The children also have the opportunity to celebrate their Saint's feast day!


Why are Saints important to us at St. Bernard's?

Saints are important because they are our role-models and more importantly, faith models. Saints intercede for us with God in heaven. How many Saints do you know? Who is your favourite Saint and why? Did you know that Saints are the inspiration for the naming of Catholic schools around the world. How many Catholic schools can you name?


Main Reception - St. Joseph the Worker

Mr Foley's office - St. Peter

Mr Stephenson's office - St. Frederick of Utrecht

   RQ's class saint - St. Francis of Assisi      

 RH's class saint - St. Anne

1S's class saint -   St.John Bosco

1B's class saint - St. Cecilia 

2R's class saint - St. Veronica

2H's class saint - St. Nicholas

3G's class saint - St. Thomas Aquinas  

    3Bs class saint -  St. Clare

4S's class saint - St. Thomas More 

4O's class saint - St.Philip Neri

5H's class saint - St. Christopher

  5V's class saint - St. Catherine of Bolgona

6K's class saint - St Lawrence    

  6W's class saint - St. Martin de Porres