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Year 5 

Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Bahakam and Mrs Downing welcome you to the Year 5 curriculum page 

In Year 5, we prepare the children for their journey through to their secondary education. We start to lay the foundations for independence, maturity and resilience they will need for the years to come. Our expectations are that the children will need to:

  • Work independently (e.g.: trying new activities with confidence (an ‘I can try’ mindset), asking for help when required, etc…)
  • Prepare themselves for school independently (e.g.: getting their equipment and uniform ready the night before, handing in homework on time…)
  • Research work independently to add to the knowledge gained in school
  • And be an example to other, younger children in school through their behaviour and actions.

Our faith is a fundamental part of Year 5. The chaplaincy team are a vital part of leading the school in prayer and are chosen from Year 5. They lead the school in prayer and in thinking about how to lead our lives as Jesus would like us to – showing love and care to all we meet. Year 5 is a challenging year in many ways as the children are treated with an expectation of greater maturity and independence. We hope that the children enjoy their time in Year 5 and that it is the springboard for future success. We pray for all the children in Year 5 and that God look after them all.