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School Clubs

At St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School we have numerous sports clubs and extra curricular activities throughout the school year. Our School Council and Sports Ambassador children in school will encourage you to join a club and importantly lead school initiatives that inspire you to get fit and stay healthy. Look out for details in the school newsletter about what clubs are going on and join in the sporting and extra-curricular FUN.



Sporting Ambassadors

 EXCITING CLUBS on the busy school HORIZON...

Football club for boys, Football club for girls

Dance club

Netball club, Multi-skills club

Athletics club (seasonal)

Fitness club, Dance club

Digital Citizenship club

Numeracy club, Choir club

Breakfast activity club, Debating society club

Lunchtime play leaders club

Art & Creativity club 


Extra curricular clubs: Breakfast social club, Writing club, Story club,

Art club, Card making club, Computer club

St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School recent sporting partnerships...



& working with the Birmingham Catholic Sports Partnership Association