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School Policies

This page provides access to certain documents that are most relevant to our parents.

For further information or to request documents that are not on this page, or to view any of our policies in paper format, please contact school.

Safeguarding Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Safer Recruitment Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Child Protection Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Care and Control Policy (safeguarding agenda)

 Health and Safety Policy (safeguarding agenda) 

Lockdown Procedures (safeguarding agenda)

Behaviour Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Anti Bullying Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Child on Child Abuse Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Child on Child Child-Friendly version (safeguarding agenda)

Behaviour ref COVID-19 Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Complaints Policy (safeguarding agenda)

 Annual Digital Media Statement (safeguarding agenda)

 Charges Policy Statement (safeguarding agenda)

Whistle Blowing Local Authority Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Computing Policy (safeguarding agenda) 

EYFS Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Online Safety and Cyber Bullying Policy (safeguarding agenda )

Home School Parent Partnership Agreement (safeguarding agenda)

Home Learning Homework Policy (safeguarding agenda)

 Parent - Code of Conduct (safeguarding agenda)

Equality and Diversity Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Equality Statement of Intent (safeguarding agenda)

EAL Statement of Intent (safeguarding agenda)

Visiting Speaker Policy (safeguarding agenda)

No Platform for Schools Policy (safeguarding agenda)

SMVSC Policy (safeguarding agenda)

RHE Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Religious Education Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Prayer and Liturgy Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Attendance Policy (safeguarding agenda)

 Exclusion Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Administering Medicines Policy (safeguarding agenda)

Zero Tolerance Policy (safeguarding agenda)

GDPR Privacy Notice (safeguarding agenda)

GDPR Data Protection Policy (safeguarding agenda)

CCTV Policy (safeguarding agenda)



Assessment for Learning MARKING Policy


The Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing data protection within

St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School.        

         If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the DPO below

Data Protection Officer rep can be contacted: (please put queries for the attention of the           DPO/Mr. Stephenson)


St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School Data Protection Officer is Mr. Stephenson