St Bernard's Catholic Primary School

We work, we play, we care, we pray

Saint Bernard's Catholic Primary School,
Wake Green Road, Moseley, Birmingham,
West Midlands, B13 9QE

0121 464 3795 or 464 7772

'Sway is the way' - check out the NEW VISUAL SCHOOL NEWSLETTER! 'Be the change you want to see in the world' - Mahatma Ghandi

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St. Bernard’s Catholic Primary School - Partnerships

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'Outcomes for pupils in Religious Education are excellent' - RE Inspection Report

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* LOCAL, NATIONAL and GLOBAL Curriculum Partnerships *

 The school as part of our creative approach to learning is actively engaged in learning partnership programmes with..

Some of our children have been working in PARTNERSHIP with Tesco...every little helps!
   Tesco 'every little helps' project  


St. Bernard's'keeping you informed'

We aim to teach an 'enriching and creative' curriculum at St. Bernard's. Please spend time looking through the respective year group curriculum area. You will find a considerable amount of information regarding the educational opportunities for your child. We are also aiming to continue our 'Young Ambassador' work, 'Prayer Leader' work and 'Play Leader initiative' schemes over the next acadmeic year. Inspire workshops for parents continue this year (an opportunity for you to work with your child in school). For parents of our reception children, you are most welcome to join in with our FUN PHONICS FRIDAY afternoon sessions.

Water Champions Project

Some of our children have been working in PARTNERSHIP with Severn Trent

We are a 'WORLD GIFTS' GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP school, sending gifts around the world...Cafod World Gifts

 We are a 'READ FOR MY SCHOOL' school 2016

We have had 300+ pupils reading on-line 2015+2016 in the NATIONAL



JAGUAR LAND ROVER school community project 2016 

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We are a  School - The BIG HOOT CHALLENGE!

Will you spot our artistic community project BIG HOOT OWL in Birmingham?

      We are a BIG READ 2016 school  2016/17

We are a 'FLY the FLAG' for Birmingham school -  cultural art project

 Flag designing in school

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St. Bernard’s Catholic Primary School aims to provide opportunities for its pupils that enable them to play an active role in the school and wider community. As members of our school, pupils have full access to and experience of the curriculum regardless of race, class, gender and physical ability. The school promotes a sense of self-esteem, responsibility and tolerance in our pupils enriching their lives through the Gospel values of Christ. The school values and challenges the individual so that pupils aim to achieve the highest levels of attainment whatever their starting point.                  

Phonic and Reading Provision School on the picture below



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