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Welcome to DB Primary

DB Primary 

DB Primary is a secure area for our children to work safely and securely. There are many aspects to this platform, but in the event of isolation, teachers will post the work for each year group on this site. 

Children have been given an individual login. Please do not share this with anyone else. 

Scroll through the documents below for help and advice

The Golden Whistle

*Being safe whilst on DB Primary*

In case children find something they find upsetting whilst using DB Primary, use the Golden Whistle to report it!

A member of staff will see this (see information below)

The document below tells you how to log-in.

The following guide is an introduction to DB Primary.

Download the documents above as a hard copy by clicking on the document links below.

 DB Primary Login Guide-69293.pdfDownload
 Welcome to DB Primary-30534 (1).pptxDownload
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Children's Zone

Hello children and welcome to the school website. There is a lot of information on this school website and you can add to it by going to your school council or class rep and mentioning to them your fantastic idea for the St. Bernard's website. You never know, it might end up being published and accessible to everyone around the world! Imaging that, your idea being read by millions of people in different countries and continents around the world. Fantastic! 

Check out the Children's Zone now


Make sure you click on the Children's Zone icon above and check out all the latest information about educational websites, homework help sites, school council news and information about St. Bernard's school clubs. Importantly, you will also find super information about staying safe online, where you will find up to date guidance and help when using your electronic gadgets. It really is helpful so spend some valuable time checking it out. REMEMBER CHILDREN, if you need to speak to any member of staff regarding online safety, then just see one of us and we will be happy to listen to you and help you.