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School Uniform 

We are proud of our smart school uniform. Smart school uniform is essential because it teaches our pupils to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance ready for the school day ahead. So please support us in maintaining our school uniform standards. The St. Bernard's uniform gives your child a sense of identity - a sense of being part of something bigger, our St. Bernard's school family.

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Orders can be emailed to

Uniform for Boys 

Grey trousers

White shirts

Royal blue v-neck pullovers

Black sensible shoes

Grey socks

School tie

School council child can wear a gold tie

Uniform for Girls

Grey skirt

or Grey trousers

White blouse

Royal blue cardigan/V-neck pullover

Black sensible shoes

White/Grey socks

School tie

NO LEGGINGS - not part of school uniform

School council child can wear a gold tie

Summer uniform: boys/girls may wear a white polo shirt either blue and white striped/check dresses or white blouse with reverse collar 


Children are not allowed to have extreme haircuts (no tram-lines/patterns in hair please - no 1 hair cut is acceptable)

Boys/girls with long hair should have it tied back at all times

Children should not have tinted or dyed hair

Children cannot wear trainers to school

NO BOOTS allowed.

(If your child comes to school wearing trainers they will be asked to wear their black PE pumps)



Please help us to maintain our high standards of school uniform at St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School


If you have any questions regarding St. Bernard's school uniform, please contact the main school office.