St Bernard's Catholic Primary School

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St. Bernard's School Family   

Mr. P Foley - Head Teacher (Standards & Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr. M Stephenson - Deputy Head Teacher (Standards & Designated Safeguarding Lead)


School Office

Mrs. S McBride - Office Management 

Mrs. K Price - Office Financial Manager

Mrs. E Asson - Office Administration


Senior Leadership Management 

Mrs. M Humphreys - Standards - FS/KS1 Leader (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs. A Kendrick - Standards - Lower KS2 Leader (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs. B O'Brien - Standards - Upper KS2 Leader (Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Year 5 and Year 6 Staff

Y5 - Mrs. A Bahakam (Science) & Mr E Dalzell & Mrs. W Chu (TA)         

Y6 - Mrs. B O'Brien(KS2 Mathematics) & Mr. J Breslin (Physical Education) & Mrs. W Byrne (Library/TA)  


Year 3 and Year 4 Staff

Y3 - Mrs. S Hemming (Art) & Mr. J Barnett (Music/Educational Visits) & Mrs T Hijri (TA)     

Y4 - Mrs. S O'Neill (Humanities) & Mrs. A Kendrick (KS2 English) & Mrs. M White (TA) 


Year 1 and Year 2 Staff 

Y1 - Mrs. N Brendon (D&T) & Mrs. E Smith (Computing) & Mrs. T McGonigle (TA) & Miss R Ali (TA)    

Y2 - Mrs. M Humphreys & Mrs. L Greenaway (EYFS/KS1 Mathematics) & Mrs. V Crehan (RE) & Mrs. D McParland (TA) & Mrs. L Curran (TA) 


Miss. N Reely (EYFS/KS1 English) & Mrs. K Quinn & Miss S Parveen (TA) & Mrs. M McCarron (TA), 


Miss E Fraser (PSHE) & Mrs. V Dormi (Modern Foreign Languages) & Mrs E Downing (Pupil Voice/ School Council)

Mrs. E Pickles (Live Simply & PPA) & Mrs. S McCarthy - Learning Intervention Support 

Mrs. S McLoughlin - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator


Buildings Sites Supervisor

Mr Neil Yoxall (Site Maintenance Manager)


Kitchen Staff 

Mrs B McTernan (Manager) & Mrs C Harris & Mrs G Geoghegan & Mr I Aashiq, Mrs M Poole & Mrs C Costello


Dinner Supervisors

Mrs A Crump (Senior Manager) &  Mrs E McMahon & Mrs D Andrews & Mrs M Aziz

Mrs N McCormack & Mrs T Sidebotham & Mrs S Saleem & Mrs E Asson & Mrs N Ashiq & Mrs K Tidmarsh & Mrs T Reely



    First Aid at Work  Paediatric Trained 

Certification till June 2023 (extended certification due to covid-19) 


Mr M Stephenson, Mrs L Curran (First Aid Manager), Mrs A Crump (First Aid Manager), Mrs W Byrne

Mrs T McGonigle, Mrs M McCarron, Mrs E Asson


Mental health and well-being first aiders: Mrs. Kendrick, Miss. N Reely, Mr. Stephenson