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Year 6 

Mrs O’Brien, Mr Breslin and Mrs Byrne welcome you to the Year 6 page.

As one family, learning together, we will support and guide our pupils to have a greater understanding of the world and how they can make a difference. With Christ at the centre of all we do, we encourage the children to grow both spiritually and academically, having an informed and empathic view of the diversity of the world. Creating balanced pupils who work hard and aim high.

Being at the top of the school comes with extra responsibility. The children are expected to be role and faith models, to display a positive and mature attitude, to be resilient and independent learners, who take some responsibility for their own learning. Year 6 will have many opportunities to develop personal skills, such as leadership by being asked to be play leaders or leading activities during National Fitness Day.

We are planning an exciting and creative curriculum- studying topics such as WW2, The Amazon Rainforest and The Shang Dynasty, which will be interspersed with special focus days/weeks e.g School of Sanctuary days, Black History Month and Refugee Week.

It promises to be an exciting year!

One key event that some members of Y6 will prepare for is the Sacrament of Confirmation. A time when the Catholic children affirm their willingness to continue their faith journey. It is always a very special time and it fills us with pride at how their fellow classmates support them in their preparation.

We, as a school, want to ensure that your child reaches his/her full potential, emotionally, socially and academically, making sure they are prepared for the transition to secondary school. We feel that this is best achieved when we work alongside parents so we ask for your support throughout the year. You can contact us through


Y6 autumn curriculum overview

Y6 spring curriculum overview

Y6 spring curriculum overview

Full curriculum overview 

End of year 6 expectations


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