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Sports Premium

St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School works in partnership with outside agencies to make sure our sports premium funding is used for the benefit of all the children in school. Read what they do for our school and for your children...


What is Sports Premium?

The dedicated primary PE and Sports premium, which was announced in March 2013, goes directly to primary school Head Teachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils.

Primary schools in England are encouraged to use the premium to:

  • invest in quality coaching
  • up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sports lessons 
  • provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
  • offer more after school extra-curricular activities
  • purchase better sports equipment
  • improve sports teaching for children with special educational needs
  • help children build a healthier lifestyle

How will it IMPACT in St. Bernard's?

At St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School our dedicated fit4schools coaches provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident and motivated to achieve in health and fitness. Four tests will be conducted throughout the school year during PE lessons to all children.

Following the testing, data will be collected and uploaded onto the fit4schools system for a comprehensive review. This data is then analysed and a report is generated. This report allows teachers and fit4schools trainers to identify sporting G/T children and those who require intervention support. It also allows you to view how different groups are performing such as year-groups, Key Stage, class and gender, SEN and Pupil Premium children. therefore the school is able to track, monitor and assess individual children. Additionally and importantly, children are given personalised online training cards specific for their ability.

Fit4schools impact in schools that follow the fit4schools programme has been testimony to the success so far with an overall average school improvement of 24%. Children become inspired and determined to improve on their previous best and this creates a fun, enthusiastic and competitive environment.


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