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    2. SCHOOL MASS TODAY at 2pm - Father Gerry celebrating Mass

    SCHOOL MASS TODAY at 2pm - Father Gerry celebrating Mass

    10 July 2024 (by admin)

    A very special school Mass takes place today at 2pm at St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School. It is a Mass of deep gratitude and thanks, to members of the school staff who are leaving us and moving on to pastures new...

    You will be well aware that Mrs. Crump and Mrs. Downing are leaving us soon. We mentioned those members of staff last week. We wish them every success as they move on to the next adventurous stage of their lives. 

    And finally, Mrs. McBride (office staff extraordinaire!) is leaving us, and entering the exciting and well deserved era of retirement. She will be be quietly sailing off to sunny horizons! A truly dedicated colleague who has served the community of St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School for over 26 years! WOW! She will be missed by all! We are going to miss her knowledge, organisational skills, friendly nature, and caring office smile. Bye Mrs. Mc!

    If you pass the St. Bernard's school office over the next few days (and during the final week of the school term), simply knock on the office window and part your farewell...adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow Mrs. McBride!

    Mass today at 2pm.