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    18 January 2023 (by admin)

    Miss Fraser (Pupil PSHE Lead) is leading ACTIVITY related events in school soon - all part of PUPIL MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK. Your child's EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL awareness and intelligence MATTERS.

    We ALL have to MANAGE our mental health - it's a daily management mechanism and we are learning all the time.

    The MORE you can TALK to your child about MANAGEMENT & AWARENESS of MENTAL HEALTH, the better it will be for them (and you).

    So MUCH goes on in school, often behind the busy school scenes, on the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT of children - it's KEY to their daily life, school life and future!


    There are several key websites you can visit if you are worried or simply need someone to talk with - websites are listed on our MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS section of our school website. 

    EVERYONE is affected by MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS, so check out the helpful sites.

    PLEASE DON'T BE AFRAID TO TALK BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! We have a dedicated Family Support Worker in school (Maria). She's here to help, listen, support and advise. Alternatively, pick up the phone and ask to speak to Mr. Foley or another staff member. We aim to be open, approachable and are here to help. It might make the difference!

    Children worry, so if you are looking for guidance and advice with regards talking to your child, take a look at the website. Great advice and helpful tips.