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    18 January 2023 (by admin)

    Our whole school weekly ATTENDANCE improved significantly last week to 95%. AS we mention regularly, school attendance is absolutely crucial - this also includes GOOD PUNCTUALITY (every single day). Being ready and organised.

    The year group with the highest attendance statistics - YEAR 5 with 97%.

    CONGRATULATIONS YEAR 5 - extra break beckons for you all! Remind your teaching staff.

    Again, we need to remind parents that the AUTHORITY works in partnership with St. Bernard's and issues regular penalty notices where and when necessary. GOOD SCHOOL ATTENDANCE habits start at a young age. It is very much about being organised for the day ahead.

    Of course, there will be times when pupil illness is genuine and there are occasional reasons for absence. THE SCHOOL OFFICE MUST BE CONTACTED AND INFORMED ACCORDINGLY. 

    You may also receive letters and information in the post outlining your child's attendance, showing illness dates and punctuality issues. THIS KEEPS YOU FULLY IN THE ATTENDANCE PICTURE regarding your child.

    REMEMBER - GOOD SCHOOL ATTENDANCE MATTERS - opportunities for life!