St Bernard's Catholic Primary School

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Saint Bernard's Catholic Primary School,
Wake Green Road, Moseley, Birmingham,
West Midlands, B13 9QE

0121 464 3795 or 464 7772

Welcome to St Bernard's School - Catholic education in the heart of Birmingham. Click on our latest newsletter to find out what's happening in our school


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  Woodlands Homework Help

'explore and learn together'

'brilliant website for maths learning'



The following are some websites that are great for learning and fun.

Have fun exploring them with Pirate Pete!

'Shiver me timbers...' 
A great website from the BBC for kids aged 4+. 
A great site from the BBC with resources for all ages. 
A homework help site from the BBC. 
A nice website from Channel 4 which is great for all ages. 
A great site for kids to create music. 
A great site with educational resources. 
A great website from Discovery Channel. 
A great natural history site for kids and adults alike.