These are our Catholic Virtues. We live our lives in school according to these values and use them as a basis for trying to be more like Jesus.


Welcome to St. Bernard's Catholic School 

'We work, we play, we care, we pray' 

‘The school has a clear vision and direction and an embracing ethos

in which all pupils are valued as individuals and pupils recognise this.’

(Ofsted Report Findings)

Head Teacher welcome...

We are delighted that you have taken this opportunity to visit our school website. We hope that by the end of your visit, you gain an insight into the hopes and aspirations of our catholic school community.

St. Bernards Catholic Primary School prides itself in working in and for the community. We welcome all to our school and encourage each person to achieve their true potential whilst respecting the rights of all.

We hope you find the contents of the site both informative and interesting. If this is not your first time visiting this site, welcome back. If it is your first time, may it be the first of many contacts that you have with our school family. 

Mr. P O'Leary 


'The impact of St. Bernard's as a Catholic school is very powerful'

'Relationships throughout the school are outstanding'

(RE Report Findings)

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