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Maths - skills progression

Maths  Policy

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Calculations Policy

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Think like a mathematican!

It's all about key PROGRESSION of SKILLS in mathematics - take a look at what we teach your child and how skills develop coherently between year groups in St. Bernard's - Year 1 to Year 6.


Reception 1         Reception 2          Reception 3

Y1 to Y6 number - addition & subtraction 

Y1 to Y6 number -  multiplication & division

Y1 to Y6 number - place value & reasoning

Y1 to Y6 - measurement & reasoning

Y1 to Y6 - algebra & reasoning

Y1 to Y6 - fractions inc decimals, percentages 

Y1 to Y6 - ratio & proportion & reasoning

Y1 to Y6 - statistics & reasoning

Y1 to Y6 - geometry - position & direction

Y1 to Y6 - geometry - position of shapes 


WHITE ROSE MATHS (WRM) at St. Bernard's




Take a look at these SUPER SKILLS and develop your GROWTH MINDSET in MATHS