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School 'super hero' Council News  ('We like to get things done!')




When was it set up?

The School Council was set up at St. Bernard's as part of the 'Pupil Voice' approach to learning. The pupils now have a BIG say in what changes they would like to see in St. Bernard's Catholic Primary School, enriching the education they receive. 

What is the role of the School Council?

The School Council give children opportunities to discuss ideas to improve the school. 

Who are the members of the Council?

Every class in the school have voted a boy and girl to represent the School Council. The pictures of the School Council members are importantly visible in the school top hall.  

Who helps in the meetings?

Teachers help in the meetings. Every so often, our Head Teacher, Deputy Head or RE co-ordinator will lead our meetings. 

How often do we meet?

The school council meets every half-term. We start our meetings with a prayer and discuss how we could further improve our school. 

How do we communicate with the children?

Children can put forward their ideas to the 'class councils' and we can discuss suggestions at the next full school council meeting. 

What have we done in the past?

In the past we have done a sponsored silence to raise money for CAFOD and the Rwanda appeal. We work in partnership with various local, national and international charities (St. Chad's Sanctuary, Father Hudson's, Children in Need, Samaritan's Purse etc.). We have also set up a badge making stall at the Summer Shindig to raise money for playground equipment. We have been involved in the past with the refurbishment of the school library, ordering of extra playtime activity based equipment and classroom books during 2018-2019. We also managed to get a lovely statue of Mary erected at the front to our school - 2018-2019. It looks lovely and is the first thing you see as you enter our school premises is this beautiful statue. We also developed a 'Stations of the Cross' area in the hall.  

We have worked in partnership with Severn Trent designing a water based 2017/2018 prayer focus garden and inspired Jaguar Land Rover to improve our school cloakroom environment and add an extra learning space for children in 2017/2018! This has been very exciting and enables us to work with major regional and global companies. Our latest venture was to persuade Mr O'Leary to get some cycle/scooter shelters installed in school so children could use them to leave their cycling equipment - the shelters were installed recently. We also put forward suggestions for new colourful tables and benches for reading and social areas in school - these were erected and in-place during 2018. We suggested extra RE banners in the school and these were installed during 2019. They transform our school hall and look great! we asked for picnic benches and a reading area and benches were put in the school grounds 2019-2020. It's a quiet zone for us where we can chill out and read. We pushed for a more eco-friendly environment and have 'recycle your battery' drop-off points in school 2020 and also we have campaigned to encourage children and parents not to use single use plastic bottles in school 2019/2020. We have upgraded refill water points in school also 2019/2020 - it's all about keeping us hydrated and better able to concentrate. We aim in 2020/2021 to help present ECO-FRIENDLY assemblies to the whole school - it's on our radar!

What special jobs are in the School Council?

In the School Council we all help to run the meetings, we have children who write down ideas and organize when the next school council meeting will be. Our ideas are put on the wall in the Head Teacher's office (so he is constantly reminded about how we think we can further the school!). As a council we are responsible for assisting in the promotion of British Values (democracy - manifesto, voting, discussion, delegation, fairness etc.). They are part of our drive to teach and learn about the VALUES, especially our Catholic VALUES. It was our idea to get the school hall/altar area more focused with permanent virtues signs. They will be there for all time!

How do people know we are School Councillors?

The School Council members wear golden ties to show the other children in the school they are St. Bernard's Catholic School Councillors. We are here to help. The ties are presented at a very special assembly by the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.


School Council Team 2021