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Parents, please find below support materials for the time up to

Tuesday 22nd September.

At this disruptive time, we aim to provide as much support as possible via our :


email. Below, you will find supporting materials for the work the children have been asked to do at home. 


The work given is in line with what we would have taught at school so we aim to have a similar (but manageable) body of work during this isolation time. 

1) English Writing

2) English Grammar


4)History project

3)Art project



Something to inspire us all!

Created by Aidan as his Anglo-Saxon project. Excellent work, well done!


English Writing

Click on the link (The Jewellery Box) and watch the video.


The Jewellery Box



Continue the story by imagining you get taken back to Anglo-Saxon times. What did you do? Did you find a valuable brooch? Did you have to work in the village? What job did you do? What adventure did you go on? How did you get home?


Download the planning sheet below the Anglo-Saxon links to plan your story. Think about describing your setting, characters and what happens. You may need to do a bit of research to find out more about Anglo-Saxon life so these are some links to good websites below. You can also use this information for your Anglo-Saxon project.

Websites for Anglo Saxon research


There are other websites available, please let me know if you find any others that are good and I will post them on here.


Download the planning sheet below

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Grammar (Punctuation)

I have uploaded a Punctuation 'test'. The children can download it below or answer the questions into their books. The answers are included in the download.

 Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 5.pdfDownload
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We have spoken to the children about reading and the value of reading. We would like the children to widen their list of authors. The following website will help them choose an author away from Roald Dahl, David Walliams, etc... Whilst RD, etc...


Then the children can choose a book and write a book review with one of the worksheets below. (Again, this can be done directly into their lined exercise book)


The following app is great. It is called EPIC! and gives you a free 30 trial. Subscribe and you can read whole books online. You can then choose to subscribe by paying or cancel.


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Anglo-Saxon Project

Create a project based on the Anglo-Saxons. It can be in any format you like and about any aspect of Anglo-Saxon life you like.

  • It could be a written booklet - make a booklet, give it a cover, etc...
  • It could be a poster
  • It could be a model of a village

Use the websites above to research any aspects you want to develop and bring it in when you come in on 22nd September. We will display your work.

Hundertwasser art project

Design your building as instructed in class. Design the building, make it colourful and describe in your book who would live there, how it would be used, etc... 

Click on the link below to watch a short video showing some of the buildings he created.


This is part one of how to draw one of his houses:

This is part two:

Enjoy and have fun. 


(Apologies if any of the videos have adverts, I tried to find ones without adverts.)


Times tables

Firstly, times tables every day. Go through the questions you find trickiest. Then try to work out the division so that you can say:

e.g: 3 x 4 = 12 , so 12 divided by 4 =3, etc...

Can you make these sentences for your times tables.


Number work

My Maths has been up-dated and has work set. 

The following website is excellent if children are not sure about any aspect of maths.


Children should work on the following:

Place value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division (Focus on times tables)


Below are some worksheets to help. Again, the work can be done directly into their orange maths books.

 t2-m-4323-uks2-crossnumber-place-value-activity-sheet-_ver_2 (1).pdfDownload
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